Title Services for Home Sellers

In connection with the sale of your property, there are certain items that need to be done by the seller(s). Once we receive a title order, we begin an examination of the title to your property. The staff will also send out an introductory letter to both the seller(s) and their real estate agent. As part of that letter, there are forms request information and that need to be completed. This information should be returned to our office so we may prepare for an on time closing.

Things you need to take into consideration for the sale of your property:

  1. Any and all existing liens (mortgages, home equity lines of credit, tax liens, etc.) will be required to be paid at closing. Providing your mortgage information on the form that is sent to you allows us to get this information quickly. As part of our title examination, we will report any outstanding liens against the property. Should we find any defect in the title, we will contact you immediately to begin working on the resolution. Providing us with your owner’s title insurance policy when you bought the property will be appreciated as it will allow us to deal with the title underwriting should there be a title issue.
  2. The seller is responsible for providing a deed to convey the property to the buyer. Our office is able to assist you with this and also prepare Power of Attorney documents, Trustee Certificates, etc. Again, that is information you will fill in and get back to us. If using a Power of Attorney , we will need to either prepare one for the specific transaction or review one if already prepared. We require the actual sellers to sign the deed, so if sellers are not attending closing, we must do this several days in advance.
  3. You will need to bring proof of identity to the closing (photo ID’s (driver’s license, passport, etc.).
  4. If the property being conveyed is serviced by public water and/or public sewer, our office will order the final bills and they will be paid at the time of closing from seller’s proceeds.
  5. If the property being conveyed is a Condominium Unit, our office will order a 6D Condominium Lien Certificate showing the status of the condominium fees. The condominium association charges a fee for this service and we will collect that from the sellers at time of closing.
  6. If there is to be a fuel proration that will be expected to be collected from the buyer, we will need that figure 3 days prior to closing so that documents can be approved by the buyer’s lender.
  7. In the event that funds are needed from the seller at closing, said funds must be in the form of a bank of cashier’s check payable to Benchmark Title Services, LLC.