Title Services for Home Buyers

In connection with the purchase of your property, if you are paying cash, you simply contact us for title, closing and settlement services. If you are obtaining mortgage financing, you can direct your lender to use our services and they will make contact with us directly.

Benchmark Title Services, LLC is a premier provider of complete settlement and closing services providing its customers with a seamless transaction from contract to closing and will be available to assist you with your real estate transaction. Benchmark Title works closely with its customers throughout the closing process to ensure they experience the highest level of customer satisfaction. Once you find that perfect home, please contact us so we can make the transaction as “stress free” as possible.

Things you need to take into consideration for a real estate closing transaction:

  1. Funds due at closing (sales price + closing cost – earnest money deposit) are to be in the form of a bank or certified check payable to Benchmark Title Services, LLC.
  2. Be sure to arrange for homeowner’s insurance and start shopping around for the best prices. If you are using mortgage financing, the lender will require that the first year premium be paid at or prior to closing and the effective date will be the day of closing. Your lender will require the binder and paid receipt a minimum of 7 days prior to closing.
  3. You will need to bring proof of identity to the closing – photo ID’s (driver’s license, passport, etc.)
  4. Transfer tax – be sure to factor into your closing costs, your share of the State of New Hampshire’s transfer tax. The cost is $15.00 per $1,000.00 of the sales price and is then divided equally between the buyer and seller. This is paid at time of closing as part of the closing costs.

You may want to consider purchasing title insurance. Click here to see what title insurance is and the reasons for purchasing at time of closing.